Do Not Ignore Your Sleep Problems

Did you know that your dentist may be able to help you and your family members get better rest? If you snore often, your physical, mental, and dental well-being may be harmed. Your loud snoozing can also wake up your spouse or other family members. This lack of rest can cause stress for them and […]

Do You Feel Tired During The Day?

Do you often feel exhausted during the day, despite seemingly sleeping well for eight hours each night? Often, this could be due to sleep apnea, a disorder that interrupts your sleep cycle multiple times, even if you don’t remember this happening. Our team of helpful local sleep science professionals in Wheaton, IL, can help you feel […]

Don’t Let Snoring Impact Your Relationship

If you suffer from chronic snoring, this could not only impact how well you sleep, but could also prevent your significant other from resting easily too. Don’t let your snoring prevent you and your partner from feeling rested and alert at night. Our team of helpful local sleep science professionals in Wheaton, IL, can offer a diagnosis […]

Tired Before Noon? Learn About Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you find that you are exhausted before lunchtime, make the effort and speak with a trusted sleep specialist. Being tired before noon is one of the signs of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, and this condition can affect more than just your ability to have a full night of rest. Sleep apnea is a major […]

We Offer A CPAP Alternative For Sleep Apnea

When you suffer from daytime exhaustion and poor rest due to sleep apnea, then you need to seek treatment. Our team can help you, and we can do so without the CPAP machine! Our team of sleep experts in Wheaton, IL can provide a CPAP machine alternative with oral device therapy.

Recognizing Common Sleep Apnea Warning Signs

Quick: name three sleep apnea symptoms! Sleep apnea is a widespread concern that can lead to serious trouble for your overall health and your quality of life. But by recognizing the warning signs, you know when to seek treatment and avoid these complications. Our team of sleep experts in Wheaton, IL talks about the most common symptoms […]

Don’t Ignore Your Chronic Snoring

Do you find yourself snoring each night? In addition to preventing your significant other from resting, this could also mean you have a sleep disorder that needs immediate attention. Our team of sleep experts in Wheaton, IL offers solutions for chronic snoring so you can feel rested and alert again, and avoid impacts on your overall health!

Why Your Sleep Apnea Needs Treatment

If you often wake up in the night multiple times, or if you feel exhausted during waking hours, then you could be suffering from a disorder. Sleep apnea impacts millions of people, from kids to adults, and can lead to serious issues with your quality of life. Which is why our team of sleep experts in […]

An Oral Appliance Can Help You Stop Your Loud Snoring

If your loved ones have brought up their concern over your snoring, do not just simply dismiss them out of hand. While you may feel that you can live with your quality of sleep, you may have a condition that can lead to serious health consequences if you ignore it. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea can […]

Stop Letting Sleep Apnea Affect Your Mood

Why are you finding it harder to remain relaxed during the day? Why do small issues seem to cause you more frustration than normal? When you experience negative mood changes alongside problems with fatigue, a lack of focus, and trouble staying awake during the day, it can point to sleep apnea. These are not changes […]