The Process


We can use a Home Sleep Test (HST) as a screening tool and to help in calibrating our appliances – the diagnosis is done by a Sleep physician. We help to determine if an appointment with a Sleep physician would be needed. We will help the patient make an appointment the day of our follow-up visit.
List of Appliances:
Herbst Appliance
Dorsal Appliances
Nylon Appliances
EMA Appliances
TAP Appliances
Prosomunus EVO
process dots

1st Visit

Dental Exam/Case Review of Health History

We determine if a referral to a sleep physician is needed and then make an appointment with the physician. If not sure about referral–use HST.

2nd Visit

Review Findings + Refer to Physician, If Needed

Make appointment with MD that day. If visit after physician ordered Polysomnogram and the patient has a prescription for appliance we scan patients’ mouth and send case to Lab. We discuss type of appliance needed and costs. Informed Consent Explanation signed.

3rd Visit

Appointment or Appliance Delivery

Appointment either as above or deliver appliance with care and use instructions.

For further reading, we highly recommend checking out the AADSM’s official resource for patients. Just click here!