Tired Before Noon? Learn About Sleep Apnea Treatment

tired before noon wheaton ilIf you find that you are exhausted before lunchtime, make the effort and speak with a trusted sleep specialist. Being tired before noon is one of the signs of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, and this condition can affect more than just your ability to have a full night of rest. Sleep apnea is a major contributor to serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke, so it is vital that you spend some time with a professional to learn about your options in treatment.

With our team of helpful local sleep science professionals in Wheaton, IL, you can take positive steps in renewing your rest with a different kind of care. Oral appliances help you to receive a full night of sleep with a simple adjustment to the way your jaw sits, keeping your airway open throughout the night. This method of treatment helps you to avoid the noise and intrusion of CPAP machines, and oral appliance are also a nonsurgical solution. To find out more about your sleep, talk to our team about scheduling an appointment!

Is Your Snoring Starting To Worry Your Partner? It Could Be a Sign

One of the primary reasons that people finally come to the realization that sleep therapy is a need for them is loud and aggressive snoring. If your partner or loved ones have started to bring up their concern over your loud snoring, take the time to meet with a sleep expert to learn whether you are experiencing chronic sleep apnea. This condition often masks as traditional snoring, but this is more dangerous to your health and your rest.

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea can have a serious impact on your body’s ability to stay healthy, as you need a consistent flow of oxygen, even while you sleep. Sleep apnea prevents you from breathing properly, which greatly increases your risk of stroke and heart attack. Talk to our team to learn more about improving your sleep.

Oral Appliance-Based Therapy Helps You To Stay Healthy And Have More Energy

Thankfully, there are solutions to help you to treat your sleep apnea, and one of these is a comfortable oral appliance. If you have been holding off on care due to the noise and intrusion of other methods, oral appliance-based therapy is an option. This treatment gently repositions the placement of your jaw overnight to keep your airway open, helping you to achieve a better rest. Ask about an oral appliance and stop feeling tired before noon!

Find Out More With Wheaton Dental Sleep Center!

Your chronic obstructive sleep apnea does not have to hold you back. To learn more about your options in treatment, including an oral appliance, give us a call at Wheaton Dental Sleep Center at (630)665-5555.