An Oral Appliance Can Help You Stop Your Loud Snoring

Snoring Wheaton ILIf your loved ones have brought up their concern over your snoring, do not just simply dismiss them out of hand. While you may feel that you can live with your quality of sleep, you may have a condition that can lead to serious health consequences if you ignore it. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea can significantly increase your risk of heart attack and stroke, so finding treatment is about more than just finding peaceful rest.

When your sleep quality is not at the level that you need, take some time to talk to our team of sleep experts in Wheaton, IL about your options in treatment. Sleep apnea occurs when your throat softens overnight, causing your own body to block your airway. As this happens, you can experience the loss of full breath for over a minute, which means that you could be depriving yourself of oxygen without even knowing it. Speak with a trusted healthcare professional about the use of an oral appliance to treat your obstructive sleep apnea, giving you a more comfortable option to keep your airway open overnight!

For Some People, A Snoring Habit Can Be A Symptom Of A Common Sleep Disorder

While many people experience snoring from time to time, it can be a sign that you are struggling with chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many individuals hold off on seeking treatment for this condition, thinking that it is not worth the trouble. Apnea can lead to serious health complications, though, so take the time to meet with a healthcare provider to see if this is the cause of your snoring.

This condition happens during your deepest form of slumber, known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. In this period overnight, your throat tissue may soften to a point to where it can no longer hold its normal shape. When this occurs, your throat may naturally close, preventing you from drawing a full breath. By losing access to consistent levels of oxygen, you increase your rate of heart attack and stroke!

Holding Off On Sleep Apnea Treatment? Ask About An Oral Appliance

For some, the idea of a loud machine or surgery is enough to frighten them away from speaking with a healthcare expert about their sleep. If this sounds like you, be sure to talk to your provider about the use of an oral appliance. This comfortable method of treatment adjusts the placement of your jaw, and this subtle change can often be enough to keep your airway open throughout the night!

Appliance-Based Treatment For Sleep Apnea In Wheaton, IL

If you are struggling with your snoring, talk to a sleep expert about improving your rest. To learn more about oral appliances, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at Wheaton Dental Sleep Center at (630)665-5555.