Sleep Apnea Relief Without A CPAP Machine

woman with partner who snores sleep apnea treatment conceptThe way you sleep at night can impact the next day in important ways. For people who suffer from sleep apnea, a good night’s rest will be inaccessible due to frequent disruptions in breathing. Because that interference stops you from completing your rest cycles, you can struggle with issues like fatigue and irritability, short-term memory troubles, and a lack of focus. Your condition also makes it more difficult to manage other physical and mental health conditions, and it can make you susceptible to high blood pressure. The good news is that the problem is treatable even for those who have shied away from care out of concern over the need for a CPAP machine. As an alternative to this service, our Wheaton, IL sleep clinic can provide a custom oral appliance to correct your nightly breathing struggles.

What Sleep Apnea Does To Impact Your Health And Well-Being

Untreated sleep apnea can have a significant toll on your well-being. The condition makes it difficult to remain at rest; because you experience frequent interruptions that break your sleep cycle, you do not see their important benefits. This can leave you struggling with fatigue, as you fail to regain energy in the night. It can also negatively impact your mood and short-term memory. Because you are at greater risk for distraction and even falling asleep at dangerous times, you are at more physical risk while driving. The toll on your emotional well-being can be difficult to absorb, and the restrictions in breathing that disrupt your rest can cause you to experience difficulties with high blood pressure.

Ignoring your condition can certainly impact your quality of life and health. With that said, many who think it might be a problem may hold off on seeking care because they worry about what effect a CPAP machine will have on their sleep. If you are not able to adjust to wearing one, you may feel like you are trading one rest issue with another. What you can find is that a more comfortable alternative is available, one that helps you remain at rest more easily.

How A Custom Oral Appliance Treats Your Nightly Breathing Issues

A custom oral appliance designed to fit you can resolve your ongoing struggles with nightly breathing. Wearing it will help you breathe without difficulty by adjusting your jaw to prevent airway obstructions. Because this can prove easier to adapt to than a CPAP machine, you can start enjoying treatment as both falling and staying asleep become easier!

Talk To Your Wheaton, IL Sleep Clinic About Sleep Apnea Treatment Without A CPAP Machine

By offering sleep apnea treatment without the need for a CPAP machine, our practice can help you resolve difficulties that you have with your health while making the treatment solution easier to fit into your life. For more information on the role a custom oral appliance can play in helping you rest through the night, call Wheaton Dental Sleep Center today at (630) 665-5555.