We Offer A CPAP Alternative For Sleep Apnea

When you suffer from daytime exhaustion and poor rest due to sleep apnea, then you need to seek treatment. Our team can help you, and we can do so without the CPAP machine! Our team of sleep experts in Wheaton, IL can provide a CPAP machine alternative with oral device therapy.

The Signs You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

How do you know if you need to seek treatment for sleep apnea? People with the disorder could encounter a number of different symptoms, such as daytime drowsiness, chronic snoring, headaches, and dry mouth, and of course, episodes of waking suddenly in the night choking or struggling to breathe. The disorder causes you to stop breathing briefly multiple times a night as soft tissues collapse and block airflow. Even if you don’t remember being woken up, this interrupts your sleep cycle so you’re exhausted the next day. Over time, the disorder has been shown to stress your immune systems and your heart health, leading to long-term and serious health issues. Don’t ignore your symptoms, talk to us today.

Oral Device Therapy

You don’t have to try and wear a CPAP device to gain the sleep you need. Instead, we will take detailed digital images of your mouth and smile, using the information to design and fabricate an oral appliance that is worn as you sleep. The device will look and fit like a mouthguard, but it actually gently shifts your tongue and jaw forward to keep airways open and free of obstruction, so you can breathe without interruption. The device is effective at stopping sleep apnea symptoms, and offers a host of benefits too.

The Advantages Over CPAP

First, there is no need to wear a mask or listen to a loud machine that pumps air. The device is easy to use, clean, and store, and can travel with you too. Being custom-made means a comfortable fit and effective treatment, so you can breathe at night without interruption and obtain the rest you need to feel alert and rested the next day. We want to help you avoid issues with your immune system and heart health, and regain the ability to feel alert and concentrate on tasks. This can also help with short term memory issues brought on OSA, offering a better quality of life and less moodiness and forgetfulness!

If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat issues like sleep apnea, or about the oral device therapy in particular, then contact our team today to learn more.

Enjoy Better Sleep in Wheaton, IL

We want to provide an alternative to the traditional CPAP to treat your sleep concerns. To learn more about our custom oral appliances, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at Wheaton Dental Sleep Center at (630)665-5555.


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