Treating Sleep Apnea Without CPAP Machines

We want to help you find a solution for your sleep apnea that doesn’t rely on CPAP machines. That way, you enjoy a comfortable solution to sleep apnea, one that is effective and doesn’t depend on a loud machine or face mask. Our team of helpful local sleep science professionals in Wheaton, IL, can offer treatment with oral appliance therapy to help you rest with ease again, and feel more alert during the day.

The Factors Behind Sleep Apnea

How does sleep apnea form? For some, this is due to sinus or allergy issues causing airway obstruction as you sleep. A deviated septum could be responsible, as could obesity, resting on your back, excessive alcohol consumption, or a large neck circumference. This can impact all ages and genders, but men 55 and older tend to have a higher risk. Essentially, as you sleep the soft tissues in the back of your mouth and in your throat become too relaxed and collapse, cutting off airflow. Your body interrupts your REM sleep to help breathe again, and this can happen multiple times a night, so you feel exhausted during the day.

Signs to Seek Treatment

When people suffer from sleep apnea, they often snore throughout the night on a regular basis, and could wake suddenly gasping for air or choking. During waking hours, dry mouth, headaches, moodiness, and trouble concentrating on tasks at work or school could occur. Issues with memory are common too. When these potential warning signs arise, this could mean you should take action before the disorder impacts your quality of life, and even strains your immune system and heart health.

The Benefits of Oral Appliances

Our team doesn’t rely on a CPAP machine to bring relief. Instead, your team will design and custom-fit an oral appliance, a device that looks like a mouthguard and is worn while you sleep. However, unlike traditional nightguards, this actually repositions your jaw and tongue comfortably to prevent the collapse of soft tissues, so you breathe without interruption throughout the night, feeling more rested and alert as you enjoy better sleep. The device is easy to use and clean, and can travel with you too. You can also help by going to bed and waking up at the same times daily, avoiding alcohol before bed, sleeping on your side, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool.

If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat sleep apnea with an oral appliance, then contact our team today.

Let Wheaton Dental Sleep Center Help You Rest Easy Again

Our team offers a customized and convenient option for treating your sleep disorder. To learn more about our CPAP alternatives, then give us a call at Wheaton Dental Sleep Center at (630)665-5555.


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